Suicide Squad (2016)

As the most hyped movie of the year, I didn’t see anything that made me as saying this is the best movie, hands down. No doubt this movie has a lot of action and some good humor parts overall. Of course this movie have a lot characters and it’s hard to keep up as they have to go one by one telling individual story, some of them I think it’s rather short and dialogue was limited like Croc. Deadshot seems to be the main character focus the most other than Harley Quinn. Surprised that the Joker wasn’t shown most as the trailer seems like he is the main character of the movie. To say this movie isn’t one of the psychological action movie like Christopher Nolan’s version of the Joker, it’s more of an action where you can turn off your brain and just enjoy seeing great DC villains characters. Honestly I think Heath Ledger’s Joker is the best out of all American cinema. Jared Leto didn’t cut it in my opinion. I will give this movie a 2 out 5.

Parris's Rating