Moosoo Cordless Vacuum 15Kpa 2500mAh


Moosoo is a new brand I never encountered but saw the attractive price and good ratings from Amazon. I was looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner that is cordless and does the job simply and this brand is it. It has all the necessary features and for the area of a small American apartment, this is what I selected out of all in terms of price and wanted to try new brands with good ratings. 


The design is probably any typical cordless vacuum cleaner. Probably the widely known brand such as Dyson, Hoover, Shark is at best would get a lot of buyers to buy those vacuum cleaners. For me, I still veered to get something out of the ordinary. Designs with the vacuum I found it attractive because of the color white. The design is small and easy to carry around for cleaning. 


Performance at this price level isn’t going to be best but hey I found it still do the job of cleaning my carpet and hardwood floors. I didn’t find a spot that it didn’t pick up. Also the noise level I would say my old corded vacuum cleaner was louder than this for sure. 

Build Quality

Typical vacuum cleaner build quality for this price range. The plastic is normally built. Although there is a thin screen filter that goes around the middle section of the cyclonic centrifuge where there is velcro that keeps it in place I find it a little tedious to clean that part out. Overall I didn’t find anything that is really annoying in terms of bad built quality. 


Seven months owning this cordless vacuum cleaner, I don’t have any issues with the cleaner. Although I found out that this vacuum cleaner is not available anymore and new models are replacing this. Comparing to the new one, it seems it does the same job but with more accessories and a more powerful motor and battery life is a little longer. If you can find this Moosoo XL-618B cleaner, you will be satisfied for this simple vacuum cleaner that covers a small apartment. 

My final rating for this product, I will give this a 4 out of 5.