8-Year Engagement (8年越しの花嫁) (2017)

I discovered this movie while I was looking for any similar movies to Color Me True. They are both romance movies but with different styles but back to 8 years engagement, I find this movie was good. I have to admit some scenes are a little cheesy but I think it is ok. The most important to focus on this movie is that it does depict a true story. It started when Hisashi was with his friends eating at yakiniku restaurant, Hisashi wasn’t feeling well and one of the ladies notice his weird appearance as he wasn’t talking much while gathering the first night and then the next gathering Mai, asked Hisashi what was his issue being at friends gathering, not being social and enjoying the night. He ended explaining to her, he had a stomach ache and Mai didn’t notice that and she feels sorry, she didn’t know and thought wrong about him. Mai does seem interested in Hisashi and they both looked at each other the first night they saw each other across the table. This is where they started to hang out and like each other.
The movie starts great and it gets better with great drama. I was quite stunned by how this movie makes sense because most Japanese movies I tend not to get the point but this shows great assumption to watch more Japanese movies, especially drama, true stories, romance, and comedy.

I do recommend this movie for people who are into drama, romance. It does give a good heart to understand their story and I found it to be a good movie. And also I love the music for this film, I immediately bought the album. Takatsugu Muramatsu is awesome composing the music for this movie. 

I also realized one of the actors in this movie was in the other movie I liked from Color Me True.  Kazuki Kitamura is great! He played as Shibata as being Hisahi’s boss. He is a cool boss and understandable person seeing Hisashi’s life with Mai went thru with her health. 

This story is overall true and I am glad they are happy and seeing Mai back and even though she doesn’t remember all of the times with Hisashi but still loves him and willing the spend all lifetime. The picture below is the reality of Hisashi and Mai and their new son.


For my ratings, I will give this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

Parris's Rating