Big Tree Café

This restaurant not just only a place to eat, but there are some interesting things to see there before or after finishing your meal. They have a photo art gallery on the second floor, and some displayed on the first to just you. I visited this restaurant just because there were a lot of people that night and I wanted to try Big Tree Cafe. I tried their Biloxi Chicken Burger, and it’s pretty good for having this in Luang Prabang. It comes with fries and with ketchup and mayonnaise condiments with some hint of sesame seeds. Other items I ordered are miso soup and chicken katsu. Miso soup is not the best, but for Luang Prabang, it would be second best for the town in having the option to get miso soup. Another dish I ordered the other night is chicken katsu, and it is surprisingly good. The texture of the meat of the chicken is juicy and crispy. I would order again for the Chicken Katsu or Biloxi Chicken burger when going back to this restaurant.

What I ordered:

  • Biloxi Chicken Burger 
  • Miso Soup
  • Chicken Katsu チキンカツ



Big Tree is one of the restaurant I would visit when I am in Luang Prabang just because it has a great vibe and also great foods on the foods I ordered. I will give this restaurant a four out of five.