H2 Coffee and Smoothie

There are many options for getting a smoothie in Luang Prabang, why I am writing about this one? This place is one of the best from my experience to stop by and get a strawberry smoothie the fit and firm version. I’ve tried many areas, but the mixture of yogurt and milk and the fruits doesn’t come to par what H2 does. There is a good taste of strawberries in the drink, but one thing is missing are real strawberry chunks. If they use fresh strawberries instead of frozen ones and ease on the blender to leave the fruit intact a little would make this drink the best. This cafe has many different flavors, and I’ve tried mixed berry (Fit & Firm, Lean & Clean), mango (healthy smoothie), passion fruit (healthy smoothie), Japanese matcha, orange (healthy smoothie), and Strawberry (Fit & Firm, Lean & Clean, and healthy smoothie). I will list from the first to the last the best flavors I think below.

Best drink flavors from H2. (The best to the worst)

  1. Strawberry (Fit and Firm)
  2. Strawberry (Healthy Smoothie)
  3. Mix Berries (Fit and Firm)
  4. Mix Berries (Healthy Smoothie)
  5. Mango (Healthy Smoothie)
  6. Japanese Matcha
  7. Passion Fruit (Healthy Smoothie)
  8. Orange (Healthy Smoothie)
  9. Strawberry (Lean and Clean)
  10. Mixed Berry (Lean and Clean) 



H2 Luang Prabang is an excellent place to hang out and to stop by and try this place in the heart of Luang Prabang. It’s a coffee and smoothie place, so there aren’t a lot of food options to get other than small deli options they have. Mainly this place sells smoothie and coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker so I can’t tell if this place has good coffee. I will give this place a 4 out 5 for being the best smoothie place in Luang Prabang. 

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