YKJ 意克基 (Yì kèjī) Chinese Fried Chicken

Well, there isn’t any mainstream KFC chain restaurants here in Luang Prabang, Laos, but there is a Chinese version of Kentucky Fried Chicken. People come here to get close and away from other kinds of foods. It’s also an introduction to local Lao people never experience this kind of foods. YKJ has many combo meals and selections to get other than just fried chicken. They have attracting desserts, Chinese soup, and fast food dishes. Located in the middle of Luang Prabang and right next to one of the largest supermarket, this place is excellent to open at this location. Many people come in and out and mainly foreigners with children visit this place. The area is unique to eat, and with open-view or inside where isn’t much pedestrian traffic, you can choose where you want. Service and waiting time for ordering the foods are nearly perfect, and they will serve it out to your table.

What did I ordered?

  •  Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo



YKJ is a great place to take your kids to eat their favorite fast food. Although thinking about fast food from America does seems unhealthy but eating it once for a long time apart it’s okay. I understand traveling from a long way the kids will miss some of these foods and this place is good to take them. I will give this place a 4 out 5. Why all my reviews I don’t give a perfect 5 out of 5? well it place has to be the best out of all in many categories and so far no place I visited scored a perfect score yet.