Dexter Café and Bar

This restaurant is probably one of the most modern westernized themed places to eat also a lively place to eat because it is right in front of the main street of Luang Prabang. Menu items are pretty good and have many options for western foods, and there is some signature westernized Lao foods as well. Although the restaurant looks very friendly, the food was okay. I ordered a chicken burger that comes with fries and an orange juice. For the portion size, is average, but the taste was a bit salty. I find it hard to chew the chicken, as well as the meat, wasn’t tender and wasn’t tasty. I was a bit of disappointed with this restaurant because it looks beautiful and the food wasn’t that delicious and tasty — orange juice for the size and price I consider not to recommend it. You can get fresh squeezed orange juice less expensive for just about or less than 10,000kips. Pricing of all the foods is like compared to other countries varying to $8-$14 USD. For sure these prices aren’t for locals and purpose for tourists.



Although the menu has a lot of options, I tasted three dishes in the past, and it was a bit salty. I had to order more water to wash down and get rehydrated. Overall I will give this place a 2 out of 5 as I tried two more chances to see if other foods were good, but overall, I find it not tasty. Also, I find the portion to be small compared to other restaurants around the same area.

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