The Pizza Luang Prabang

This restaurant located on the main street of Luang Prabang near Miniso. This place sells as the title of the area says “The Pizza.” Overall the pizza isn’t that great with thin crust and flavors isn’t as astounding what a real pizza or American pizza would be. They have may Western and Lao dishes as well to make it easier for people to chose. My review isn’t about pizza but a healthier meal I like to get. I like to get a salad here, and it’s their signature chicken salad. When I sat down the first time at this restaurant, I wanted to try a salad, and I chose this and was satisfied with the mixture. The taste was good, and the dressing was delicious, as well. I do advise to get the dressing separately because the dressing overall is a bit sweet. I just put about a quarter of the dressing. The size of the dish is right enough for the meal and will get you full, especially most of the proteins are from chicken instead just all vegetables. There are some tomatoes, and mostly they are cut fresh along with fresh cucumbers as well makes it a great combination. I ordered a drink as well as fresh-squeezed orange juice, and it tasted great as well. I don’t like to accept easily how great this dinner was, but it was satisfying for me.



Overall the restaurant is a perfect size and has many tables for you to pick where you want to eat, most people rather eat near the street and watch people walking by having that Luang Prabang vibes. I will give this place a 3 out of 5 even though the dish was tasty, but overall, the foods options it offers I tried before wasn’t as good and would recommend other places.